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Especially Medellín developed from the dangerous home of Pablo Escobar with over 6800 murders a year, to a cultural hotspot with a growing economy and tourism. The district Poblado is the first point of contact for tourists in Medellín. There you will find the hottest bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels, everything is cleaner and safer.

It seems like an unreal utopia in the middle of Medellín, which has nothing to do with the real Medellín. Nevertheless it is worth to visit at least once or to use it as a starting point for all activities. Those who want it more exciting will find the Hotel Gallery (Calle 47 # 4155) in the middle of the el centro, which is highly recommended. 10 minutes from the central train station

A trip to Communa 13 is an absolute must. You get an insight into the life in the slums, visit the huge graffity paintings along the walls and also have a breathtaking view over the city.
You also have to take the cable car to Parque Arvi and take a walk through the beautiful, flourishing nature.


The pearl of the Caribbean in northern Colombia has a beautiful old town which was built in the colonial style of the 16th century. Countless small alleys and restaurants invite you to explore, as well as a walk over the city wall, which is still untouched today.

Santa Marta & Taganga

Santa Marta is a larger port city with an attractive old town and a long city beach along which a promenade runs. The city can be visited during the passage in a few hours, but is not a must.

Hidden in a bay 5 km to the north is the village Taganga. Many bars and restaurants on the beach offer a colourful programme, especially in the evenings. Many hostels have a pool and a cosy flair in addition to reasonable prices. You can easily spend 2-3 days passing by.

In the midst of wild nature, walks lead to solitary waterfalls, ecological coffee plantations and high mountain peaks. In the evening, the town's restaurants and bars are the entertainment for travellers.

Bungalows directly at the most beautiful beach of Colombia, decent prices, nice people, quiet and in addition a unique atmosphere. You could stay there for weeks.

The perfect end to come down again after an adventurous Colombia round trip.

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