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busses which is the cheapest option аnd not dangerous. We started in San Juan del Sur, where every Sunday the “Sunday Funday” pool crawl takes place. You start drinking midday and change the location approx. every 2h (always including a pool). Little advice: I wouldn’t stay at Casa de Olas or Naked Tiger Hostel, because they are located on the hill and you will always need a shuttle

to get to town. Besides that, it gets really ghastly there during Sunday Funday.

were super afraid and turned back to the entrance. In turned out, that the two guys were the security of the beach :D

You can reach Cristo de La Misericordia also by scooter and watch the sunset (it’s way cheaper than going with a tour).

Next, we headed to Granada, which is an old colonial city worth visiting. Nearby there is a tree house hostel which organizes really great parties. However, I wouldn’t sleep there because you will struggle with the bugs infestation. The last day we visited the Masaya Volcano where you get to see the crater at the top of the active volcano. It’s a quite touristic trip but really fascinating to

see lava (the photo does not do it justice). I can also recommend staying 1 night at Apoyo. It is a volcanic lake and really chilled. You can go e.g. SUP.

hiking and down by sandboarding. If you have some time left, don’t miss out to spend some nights at the surfing turtle lodge. It’s a super chilled lodge on a nearby island.

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