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Coron beach Palawan philippines travel
Okam Okam Beach Palawan Coron philippines travel


One day after we arrived in Coron, a small island in northern Palawan, we made a 2-day-trip across the island to Ocam-Ocam. During our motorbike-trip, that lasts about 2 hours, we passed tarred and sandy streets through hamlets and quaint villages. The wonderful view is worth the trip by itself.

Duly arrived, we reached a palm-lined village with a beach behind it. Philippino wilderness and a crystal clear sea. We asked a local for an overnight stay and thereupon, they hosted us for two nights in one of their outdoor lofts and served us homemade dishes 'Philippino Style'. Ocam-Ocam was one of the most beautiful places in our journey.

Coron beach Palawan philippines travel
Okam-Okam Beach Coron Palawan philippines travel
Okam-Okam Beach Coron Palawan philippines travel

by snorkeling, island hopping and excursions to white beaches. Our meals were prepared freshly by the philippine cook on the boat, the ingredients bought from locals at the daily island excursions. Every evening we aimed for another lonely island to spend the night

in small bambus huts directly on the beach.

The TAO-boattrip is especially for sailors an absolute highlight.
Trip-Tip: Book in advance and donĀ“t forget pills against sea sickness.

Coron Palawan philippines travel TAO Boat
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It requires a journey to reach the island Siquijor, but its absolutely worth it. Arriving at the harbour, it is advantageous to explore the island by motorbike. The wide roads lead you through small villages and the untouched nature. Our home were the 'Sea View Bungalows', which offer a fair price and an unbelievable

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